Investment Opportunities

Adult Investment opportunites

After several years of looking into various money making opportunities, developing preliminary business plans and doing research into markets, we’ve decided to compile a few of the ideas we’ve worked on, and offer the opportunity for others who may be interested in these ventures to add thier input. We are considering partnerships in some of these ventures, and would appreciate any feedback about our plans.

Brick and mortar sex toy / adult video store / lingerie boutique

  • needn’t be a large space to turn serious cash
  • products generally sell themselves
  • national chains have proven it is high profit opportunity
  • Money needs to be available for the possible legal challenges which are generally successful. Forward planning for forseeable restrictions can be kept in mind.

Feature Movie projects and Mini series production investments

    Markets for adult TV, video on demand, and more. Series sponsorship opportunites that can be extended throughout the medium deliveries including interent, dvd television, podcasts and more. A sponshorsip for these programs will offer you the opportunity to place ads in all mediums of release, maximizing your product branding. Calls to action from internet, dvd, cell phone, and podcast users are usually quick to be seen.

Television styled production investment opportunities

    We have three very hot video shows lined up, some require investments of $150,00 and more. The value of the ideas behind these shows in incredible, and therefor details will only be provided to qualified venture capitalists or aptly funded comanies who are willing to sign and follow a non disclosure agreement.

Nightlcubs / internet cafes

    This is one that we have been working on for a few years off and on. Looking at various properites, codes, available equipmnet, etc. This little business idea.



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