adult video editing

Adult Video Editing

We do a lot of digital editing, and enjoy making movies the best they can be. Should you need assistance with video editing for several projects, contact us for a quote. We’ll need specifics, such as the tpae or disc type you have the footage on, how much footage you have, and what the target length of finished movies should be. Also consider what kind of titling, jusic, or effects you may want to add, and consider the dvd menus you’d like to use.

We can do all of this for you, a base price of $55 per hour.

However, we don’t charge $55 for video importing (we can work on other projects while video is importing).

Prices for web site design depend largely upon how much of the work we have to do. If you have all the text written and pictures compressed we can work fast and cheap. Of course we can do all the pictures, video clips, and marketing spin about your business, product or service for you if you like as well. Contact us for a quote!


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