Need music for one of your adult products? G.A.M.E. produces custom music for videos and other applications. We tend to put a lot of work into creating a good flow of music to match the application at hand. Itís one of the things that make our videos shine. We aslo will act as a distrubtor for your porn music if you have quality sounds contact us for details. We are in the proccess of putting together a best of sex sounds cd, which will most likely be a double disc set. If youíd like us to distribute a song for this is a great opportunity to get some recognition.

We spent a good deal of time watching men and women enjoying adult videos, and noticed that the thing most people comment on the music even before a scene is really set, and cheesy music will make a great video cheesy.

We donít try to write a #1 pop hit, but címon guys, keep the old 70ís guitar twang out of porn. When you spend the money to get a good shot, make the movie better with good sound. I believe that more movies would crossover into different viewing audiences if the soundtrack was changed. Iím sure a mojority of Andrew Blakeís fans love the music and sound he uses - which is great, but if you were to offer the same movie with a different soundtrack Iím sure other markets would enjoy it as well.

We have different licensing programs for the music we create, weíll help you pick the one that works best for you! To get a quote for the music for your product just drop us a line and let us know what you have. Depending upon the project we may also need a couple of sample clips to get an idea of what weíll be working with.

Music can often be added when the editing of certain footage is done in sync with the music involved. For this reason we reccomend using our video editing services with our music addin package for the best results.

Intro footage, titles, warning screens and more available, with the G.A.M.E. music services.


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